Public Deliverables

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WP1: Redefining the task-based modelling of occupation

Leader: Kadir Has University

Report on accuracy evaluation of the Machine Learning model
  • Dlvb nº: D1.3
  • Type: Report
  • Leader: KHAS
  • Month: 35

WP2: Prediction of out of work employees and required training for the prevention

Leader: University of Wolverhampton

Surveys: employee & task

  • Dlvb nº: D2.1
  • Type: Other
  • Leader: UL
  • Month: 6

Report on gender analysis of survey data and model

  • Dlvb nº: D2.2
  • Type: Report
  • Leader: UoW
  • Month: 12

Training/Education sets

  • Dlvb nº: D2.3
  • Type: Other
  • Leader: UPM
  • Month: 42

WP3: Creation and Testing of Recommendation Portal

Leader: ITCL Technology Centre

Report on developed recommendation portal

  • Dlvb nº: D3.2
  • Type: Report
  • Leader: ICBE
  • Month: 40

WP4: Training, networking and mobility

Leader: ARCELIK A.S.

Monograph from final Project conference

  • Dlvb nº: D4.3
  • Type: Reprot
  • Leader: KHAS
  • Month: 46

WP5: Dissemination and communication activities

Leader: Kadir Has University

Project website available in English

  • Dlvb nº: D5.1
  • Type: Websites,patents, filling
  • Leader: ITCL
  • Month: 1

Dissemination and communication plan

  • Dlvb nº: D5.2
  • Type: Report
  • Leader: ARCELIK
  • Month: 6

WP6: Project management and coordination

Leader: Kadir Has University